Master Short-Form Videos on LinkedIn Video Feed

Don't Get Scrolled Past: Master Short-Form Videos on LinkedIn Video Feed

LinkedIn is shaking things up with a brand-new feature: a TikTok-like short-form video feed. This exciting update presents a massive opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences and skyrocket engagement. But how can you leverage this new landscape to your advantage? Here's a comprehensive guide to mastering short-form videos for LinkedIn success.

Why Short-Form Videos Matter

Attention-grabbing headlines and text-heavy content are fading fast. LinkedIn users, like many online audiences, are increasingly drawn to the fast-paced, visually stimulating world of short-form video platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Recognizing this shift, LinkedIn is prioritizing video content with the introduction of a new feature for its beta users in March 2024 – a TikTok-like feed.

This exciting update presents a massive opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences, boost engagement, and potentially eliminate competition that doesn't embrace video. Here's a breakdown of what this means for you:

The Short-Form Video Landscape on LinkedIn

  • Here to Stay: Unlike past features like "LinkedIn Stories," video seems to be sticking around. People are used to scrolling through vertical videos, and LinkedIn is clearly emphasizing its importance.
  • High Production Value: Early observations suggest many videos in the feed boast professional audio and visuals, often resembling podcast-style setups. (Remember, professional quality isn't essential. Good audio and basic editing go a long way!)
  • Content Diversity: Beyond sales pitches, the content covers a wide range – leadership advice, personal development tips, and industry news – offering valuable insights for viewers. Not sales content!
  • Focus on New Connections: The algorithm appears to prioritize showing you videos from creators you haven't connected with before, expanding your network potential.

Crafting Magnetic Short-Form Videos for LinkedIn

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of creating videos that will captivate your audience:

Technical Specs:

  • Shoot in vertical format (9:16).
  • Aim for videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes – every second counts on LinkedIn's short-form feed.

Content & Delivery:

  • Attention-Grabbing Hooks: Start strong with a bold statement, intriguing question, or captivating statistic to pull viewers in. Don’t forget to deliver on your promise!
  • Clarity and Actionability: Get straight to the point. Give your audience value-packed content and offer actionable takeaways they can implement.
  • High Energy: Project confidence and enthusiasm. Viewers can sense robotic delivery, so infuse your videos with personality.
  • Minimal Branding: Avoid overwhelming viewers with logos and website URLs. Keep Your focus on the content.
  • Captioning is Key: Ensure your videos are accessible with clear captions. Craft a compelling tagline and description snippet to draw viewers in and get them to watch your short-form videos on LinkedIn.


  • Invest in Learning: If you're new to video creation, be willing to invest time in learning the basics. There are many online courses and workshops dedicated to short-form video creation and that’s why practicing is so important.
  • Quality Counts: Focus on good audio quality. Consider basic video editing for a polished finish. You don't need fancy equipment to get started – a smartphone and a tripod can work wonders!

Planning for the Future

Now that you understand the power of short-form video, here's a practical guide for small business owners who might not have the resources of a big brand:

Embrace the Shift, But Be Strategic:

  • Short-Form Video is Crucial: Recognize that high-quality short-form video is becoming essential for visibility on LinkedIn.
  • Action or Inaction: The Choice is Yours: Ignoring video could significantly limit your reach on the platform. However, embracing it offers a chance to outshine competitors who haven't adapted.

Sustainable Strategies for Small Businesses:

  • Repurpose Existing Content: Can you create short clips from existing video podcasts or YouTube channels? Leverage your existing content to save time.
  • Plan and Schedule: Block out dedicated time in your calendar for brainstorming content ideas and filming your videos. Consistency is key!

Start Simple, But Start Now:

  • Small Steps, Big Impact: Get ahead of the curve by planning your strategy now. Start with 30 minutes a week for brainstorming and 30 minutes for filming. You can gradually increase this as you get comfortable.
  • Learn as You Go: Mastering video skills takes time. Be patient, focus on continuous improvement, and embrace the learning process. If you're serious about mastering video and exploring formats like live courses and webinars, consider checking out resources like

Remember: Small businesses can start thriving with short-form videos on LinkedIn. By taking action now, you can capitalize on this opportunity and establish yourself as a leader in your space before bigger players come to the space. Good luck!

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