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Jennifer G.

"I started networking on LinkedIn just over a month ago with 700 followers. I now have over 5,000 connections. I've been approached with two great job offers. I've connected with so many people that it just makes me want to share more to inspire others to get out there. GROWTH ACADEMY IS AMAZING."

Ellie R.

"I updated my profile based on the course videos and immediately started getting inbound leads. Just from the profile optimization, I ended up with 5 inbound leads last week. As of today, I've closed 3 out of the 5... that's a total of $12K in contracts for the month. IN ONE WEEK. I am beyond grateful for this group. I am in legit tears right now."

Chris H.

"I've met and learned from some amazing people because of Shanee. Her LinkedIn trainings are phenomenal and so is the group. #1 community to grow on LinkedIn."

Naz S.

"I just landed my first inbound client through LinkedIn. I'm over the moon. Got an order for 2 placements. My comms at 10% which is $21.5K. BOOM!"