New LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge

New LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge

Dominating the professional networking landscape, LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for individuals to showcase their expertise and build meaningful connections. But how do you stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field? Enter the prestigious LinkedIn Top Voice Badge (Gold Badge). 

LinkedIn starts with an AI-generated article on a professional topic, but it doesn't stop there. They want to incorporate the valuable insights of real people with practical experience.


That's where you come in! LinkedIn invites experts to contribute their knowledge, building a well-rounded and informative piece. Contributing to these articles can establish you as a thought leader in your field and earn you a coveted LinkedIn Top Voice Badge signifying your valuable industry insights.

This approach unlocks the power of community knowledge and offers a fresh way to engage with professional topics on LinkedIn.

This is how your profile could look once you have your own Gold Badge


Demystifying the LinkedIn Top Voice Badge (Gold Badge) 

Unlike the invitation-only blue LinkedIn Top Voice badge reserved for senior-level industry leaders, the gold Community Top Voice badge is attainable by anyone who actively contributes to the platform's collaborative articles. This badge is a digital validation of your expertise, informing your network that you consistently deliver insightful and valuable content within your specific skill area. Earning this badge not only bolsters your credibility, but also positions you as a thought leader, attracting potential clients, employers, and collaborators.


The Earning Process: A Step-by-Step Guide 

  1. Identify Your Niche:

The first step to securing the gold badge is pinpointing your area of expertise. Leverage your professional background and target audience to identify the specific skills where you can offer valuable insights. This strategic selection ensures your contributions resonate with the right people, maximizing their impact. Head over to the Pulse topics homepage:

Here, you'll find a wide range of business-oriented topics to explore. LinkedIn Pulse categorizes articles by industry, so you can find thought leadership content specific to your niche. Some of the most popular categories include marketing, healthcare, engineering, information technology, business administration, and human resources. But that's not all - LinkedIn Pulse also offers articles on social media optimization, soft skills development, and even industries like leisure and food and beverage!

To find articles relevant to you, simply browse the categories or use the search bar at the top of the page. Once you've found a topic that interests you, click on it to see a feed of the latest articles from LinkedIn influencers and industry leaders. You can also follow specific topics to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights.

Choose the right topic to collaborate in order to get your LinkedIn Top Voice badge.


  1. Dive into Collaborative Articles:

Navigate to the "Articles" section on LinkedIn and explore collaborative articles relevant to your chosen skill area. These articles act as discussion forums where members contribute their expertise on a specific topic. We’re using the topic “Business Networking” for the example.


Choose the right topic for your LinkedIn Top Voice badge


  1. Craft Insightful Contributions:

Here's where your expertise shines! Don't settle for generic advice – delve into your real-world experiences to provide insightful, actionable takeaways. Back up your claims with data, research, or personal anecdotes that add depth and credibility to your contributions.

 Shanee’s contribution had enough votes to give her a boost 


  1. The Power of Upvotes:

The gold badge hinges on user engagement. Readers can "upvote" contributions they find valuable. Aim to constantly deliver exceptional insights that garner the most upvotes within an article. This demonstrates the positive impact of your contributions and strengthens your candidacy for the badge.


Elevating Your Chances: Effective Strategies to Get the LinkedIn Top Voice Badge 

  1. Share Your Contributions:

Don't let your valuable contributions languish within articles! Amplify their reach by sharing them on your LinkedIn profile and engaging with comments. This increases their visibility and encourages interaction from your network, potentially leading to more upvotes.

  1. Consistency is Key:

Earning a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge is like achieving rockstar status in your industry. It signifies you're among the elite contributors within a specific skill set – typically ranking in the top 5% and snagging a spot among the first 2,500 badge holders for that skill. 

So, how do you join this exclusive club? Here's the secret weapon: consistent involvement in collaborative articles. Regularly contribute valuable insights, not just random comments. Actively participate in discussions related to your chosen skill area. This steady stream of high-quality content establishes you as a thought leader within your network.

Badges are reassessed every 60 days

  1. Focus on Value, and Upvotes Will Follow

Sure, getting upvotes on your contributions is a great feeling. But the key to getting a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge lies in providing genuine value to your network. Keep an eye on your Notifications panel to see how your contributions are resonating. This feedback loop helps you understand what's working and allows you to refine your approach for even greater impact.

Ready to Earn Your LinkedIn Gold Badge?

By following these comprehensive strategies, you'll be well on your way to unlocking your own LinkedIn Top Voice (Gold Badge). Remember, the badge serves as a powerful testament to your expertise, propelling you toward becoming a recognized thought leader within your field. So, start contributing, engage with your network, and watch your professional brand flourish on LinkedIn!

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