Entrepreneurs: 15 Things You Should Be Grateful For Every Day

Entrepreneurs: 15 Things You Should Be Grateful For Every Day


15 things you should always be grateful for… 

  •  Be grateful that you woke up today. I’m grateful for every day I wake up, especially as a cancer survivor. 
  •  Be grateful that you have food that you enjoy, clean water, and more. 
  •  Be grateful for your family. Cherish them, don’t expect them to be perfect because none of us are. 
  •  Be grateful for your real friends that show up for you even when it’s not the 
  •  Be grateful for the fake friends that betrayed you or were not there for you when you thought they would be, because they taught you what a friend is NOT. 
  •  Be grateful for the people that didn’t appreciate you, that didn’t see you for your worth, that didn’t treat you the way they should have because you deserved more and they taught you what you don’t want. 
  •  Be grateful that you have access to the internet because it truly is the greatest equalizer. 
  •  Be grateful for LinkedIn. For social media. Just on LinkedIn, you have access to over 800 million people. 
  •  Be grateful for the vision you had to start your company, maybe even when no one else believed it but you. I know that every day is not easy. I know that there are days where you feel crushed. But you got this, don’t give up. 
  •  Be grateful that you have made at least $1 in your life because if you can make 1 then you can multiply that as much as you are willing to take it. Remember, money is just a score system for how many people you help. The more people you help, the more money you make
  •  Be grateful for your ability to speak because you can literally start a conversation with anyone. 
  •  Be grateful for your ability to learn every single day and prove it by taking consistent action on what you know.
  •  Be grateful for the hard times you survived because they gave you strength. God gives the toughest battles to the strongest people. Because you survived, now you can serve as inspiration to other people who are going through what you survived RIGHT NOW. 
  • Be grateful for all of your clients. Every single one of them. Be grateful that they gave you the opportunity to serve them. Without your clients, you would be nothing. Without your clients, your business would not exist. The same goes for your team for trusting and believing in the vision of the company enough to help it come to life. 
  •  Be grateful for your mentors. For seeing in you what others couldn’t. For believing in you more than you believe in yourself… For seeing a diamond in the rough when others just saw a rock.

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