LinkedIn Marketing for Business Owners: Don't Make These 5 Mistakes

LinkedIn Marketing for Business Owners: Don't Make These 5 Mistakes

Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes in 2024

LinkedIn has become an invaluable platform for businesses to build their brand, generate leads, and drive sales. With over 722 million users, it provides access to a huge audience of professionals and decision makers. However, many businesses fail to leverage LinkedIn effectively due to common marketing mistakes.

In this video, we discuss the top 5 LinkedIn marketing mistakes to avoid in 2023, based on insights from LinkedIn experts Shanee Moret and Shankar Poncelet. With 1 million followers and 365,000 newsletter subscribers, Shanee has a deep understanding of optimizing a LinkedIn presence.

Avoiding these key errors can help your business maximize its LinkedIn ROI.


Mistake #1: Not Having Clear Goals

The number one mistake is not having clearly defined goals for your LinkedIn marketing. Without concrete objectives and metrics, you won't know whether your efforts are successful.

Begin by identifying your top priority, such as growing your podcast listeners, generating leads for your agency, or booking sales calls. Define what metrics indicate progress towards that goal, like increased downloads, high-quality lead submissions, or call bookings. With a specific focus, you can craft content and optimize your profile to attract your ideal audience.


Mistake #2: Not Leveraging Existing Data

Many businesses fail to analyze the data they already have about their best customers. Study your top 20 clients - what offer did most of them buy? Why did it appeal to them? Identify the common pain points of your best customers.

Use this to shape how you position yourself on LinkedIn. Speak directly to the problems your products or services can solve for others like your VIP clients. Highlight your expertise around the topics and offers most attractive to your audience. Backed by data, your messaging will resonate.


Mistake #3: Forgetting Your Audience

Creating content without your ideal clients in mind is another error. Look back at conversations with your best customers - what questions do they ask most often? Identify their common concerns and address those topics, even if they seem too basic.

Resist the urge to judge their interests. Turn frequently asked questions into helpful, engaging posts. This content speaks directly to the questions on your audience's mind, making them more likely to convert.


Mistake #4: Not Tracking Performance

Once you begin posting consistently, analyze what content best supports your goals. Audit the last 30 days - on your highest metric days, what did you post? More video, lives, thought leadership content, or industry focused topics?

Identify what is working and do more of that. This eliminates guesswork and builds an effective content strategy tailored to your audience. Dedicate time to understanding your metrics and how content drives them.


Mistake #5: Not Building an Email List

A common but costly mistake is failing to build an email list from LinkedIn's high-quality traffic. An email subscriber list lets you market to followers directly long-term. But you must provide value to convert visitors into subscribers.

Create a simple lead magnet like a checklist, template, ebook, or guide that speaks to your audience's needs. Promote this in your posts and profile. With an audience-focused opt-in offer, you can quickly build a list of warm leads to nurture into loyal customers.


Recap: LinkedIn Marketing for Business Owners

Avoiding these 5 common but critical errors can significantly increase your LinkedIn marketing ROI in 2024. Define your goals, leverage data, create audience-focused content, track performance diligently, and build your email list. With this strategic approach, your business can thrive on LinkedIn this year.

What mistakes have you seen businesses make on LinkedIn? What strategies have been most effective for your brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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